Space for some of my thoughts

Learning and change are my expertise and my passion. 

New world of working & Next Generation Leadership

New work demands a lot from everyone involved. Communication and cooperation need a higher level in order to keep up. “Hire only” strategies will no longer work in the future. To enable employees to grow personally, it is essential to create the necessary conditions to learn new things continuously or in a short period of time and to manage major changes. Our work environment and society does something with us that we need to process. 

Space, Depth & Speed

Change processes need space, time and a certain depth. Paradoxically, we often gain speed exactly when we create the space for a deeper engagement, stop the film and look closely. I am interested in the spaces “in between”.

Coaching with Compass

Sometimes it takes an alert, unbiased mind with open eyes from the outside to see more clearly inside and to be able to break new ground. I think coaching and process support in flexible and individual processes, which get by without a corset of predefined goals and therefore reach faster. In times of rapid change, no detailed, outdated map helps. It needs a direction and a compass for quick reactions on the way.

Meaningful Encounters

Individual and team coaching, workshops and process support: For me, the path to the goal leads through meaningful encounters from person to person – avatar-based, virtual or in presence, selectively or for a certain period of time.


Years of interdisciplinary Professional Experience


Years in Leadership & Entrepreneurship


Years of Consulting on Digital / Life-long Learning & Change


Years of Remote Working & Collaboration


Hours+ of Advanced Coach & Facilitation Training



Changing perspectives is my strength.

In all my professional stations and contexts, I often recognize myself in a translating role – between sales and customer, sales and production, customer and production, programmers and users, by definition in project management or leadership, in consulting and coaching. It is always about changing the perspective, making one side clear to the other side, widening the space for the simultaneity of several perspectives and developing solutions together on this basis. (I will tell you no secret that this attitude is not alien to me, even in my private life, and that it is often asked for.)

A change of perspective also plays a central role in my private life: I love travelling, photography, painting, art, jazz, swimming, yoga, cooking and good conversations. I live in Cologne with the French bowmaker Christian Ledzinski.

My qualifications

Lifelong, lively learning.Walk the talk.

I exclusively use evidence-based, contemporary and continuously developing methods that do justice to our condensed and accelerated world of life and work.

It is part of my self-conception and of me personally to continuously learn new things, to get to the bottom of things and to keep my own thought space inspired and alive.

  • Certified Integrative Development Practitioner
  • EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation ITCA 
  • GTCI Global Team Coaching Institute Foundations Certified Coach
  • Certified Narrative CoachTM Practitioner –  Since 2014 I have been the first in Germany to work with Narrative Coaching & Integrative Development, a modern and comprehensive “Third Generation Practice” approach based on the work of Dr. David Drake (Moment Institute).
  • Certified ProReal Facilitator –  As one of the first in Germany I am qualified to facilitate avatar-based team and individual coaching with ProReal, a specialized virtual 3D software. This is fun and very effective.
  • Certified NeuroTransformational Coach CNTC – Since 2013 I have been continuously deepening what we know about learning and change from neurobiological findings – emerging knowledge!
  • Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner (Corporation for Positive Change)
  • Systemic-analytical organization development (oezpa Academy)
  • Co-Active Coach (CTI The Coach Training Institute)
  • Design Thinking (IDEO U u.a.)
  • Diplom-Social pedagogue (CatHo Köln)
  • Positive Psychology, Large Group Facilitation, Group Relations
  • Modern Workplace Learning, New educational media, Author for technology-based learning, Train-the-Trainer, Teletrainer, …

My cooperations

Achieving more together.  Combining strengths.

Space for further thoughts

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