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Space for personal development and change 

Personal growth 

Everyone has the ability to learn and develop throughout their lives. The need for this arises for most people at some point in their lives, in the face of the demands of their professional role or independently of it.

Better results, more balance 

Whether in leadership situations, cooperation, customer contact, performance or teaching, your personality and your current condition play a decisive role everywhere, which results you achieve and as how demanding you perceive your tasks.

Expand your scope 

If you have meanwhile turned sufficiently in the circle in your own head, if you are looking for fresh Thoughts with other perspectives or if you simply cannot find the necessary leisure and peace to all this alone: Expand your thought space, use my “curly brain” together with all senses as an external, unbiased and powerful resource. Create SPACE for change. Test and refine your chosen approach (+) in an effective interplay of protected framework and concrete application in everyday life. In this way you will enter the new phase well prepared and strengthened.

You’re here because: 

  • you want to gain deep insights more quickly, which will give you new opportunities to travel
  • you want to support yourself in a challenging phase with an unbiased sparring partner
  • you need a new direction
  • you want to prepare for a difficult negotiation or a challenging conversation
  • you have a hard decision to make
  • you would like to clarify your professional role
  • you want to sound out your location and redefine it
  • you would like to support yourself in or after a phase of stress and particular strain

1:1 Coaching Virtuell Power-Package (8/12 weeks) or on demand

There are many reasons why virtual coaching is a very good choice. Avatar-based coaching combines all the advantages of virtual coaching with the intensive experience that usually only comes from direct encounters. Personal, deep and often more effective than traditional coaching methods. Give it a try.

Exactly the right thing, if:

  • Your situation or challenge is complex
  • strong visualizations tell you more than the famous 1,000 words
  • have a better overview if you are on your
  • own and in your own ambience
  • You are open to new technologies and experiences
  • Your calendar is full and you don’t have
  • time to take a break outside the house.
  • You travel a lot and it relieves you of the burden of not having to plan for any further travel times.
  • you want to save CO2 and travel costs.
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1:1 Coaching Face-to-Face Power-Package (8/12 weeks) or on demand

In personal contact you will experience direct feedback. You can try things out in a protected environment, all your senses are addressed and the signals of your body can be directly involved in the process.

Exactly the right thing, if:

  • another environment optimally supports you in developing new perspectives
  • you can best get involved in direct, personal contact
  • you value personal encounter very much
  • you live or work in the Cologne area.
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Open Workshops

You learn best in a direct exchange with others? Enhance your points of view and look forward to lively workshops that generate new experiences, are fun and surprising.

Expertise in your field is a cornerstone of your professionalism. In many professions – leadership, performance, teaching, customer contact, etc. – you are yourself your most valuable instrument.

A good reason to have this encounter with yourself at an early stage and to firmly anchor the individual levers to more personal maturity and strength as a motor for excellence. Current neurobiological findings help us to better understand connections and to deal with ourselves wisely and better with compassion and good self-care.

Look forward to an intensive and very lively workshop, accompanied by jazz music, because from jazz we can learn a lot about patterns.

This is what we will cover:

  • Understanding High Performance Neurobiology
  • Recognizing personal success patterns in challenging situations and developing them into new strengths
  • Targeted use of resonance and dissonance
  • Developing the personal compass for the next phase

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Workshop descriptionStay tuned

Hardly a week goes by without alarming reports in the media about the effects of permanent stress, overload and burnout for people, companies and society as a whole.

Dealing with high stress in certain phases of life or in particularly predestined fields of activity is always a personal matter. Many people feel the need to ‘do something’ here, but sometimes do not want to address this directly in their teams or with their managers. The anonymity of an open course offer can facilitate the access and strengthen the actual effect for the individual.

This is what we will cover:

  • understand what happens in our brain and bodies during stress
  • to get to know a new point of view, often perceived as refreshingly normalizing on the basis of scientific findings
  • to create the necessary space in head and body, to feel capable of acting again
  • develop individually suitable and effective action approaches for you.

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Workshop descriptionStay tuned