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Changing the world of work

The change in the world of work is in full swing. Your environment is complex and changing, while you have to stay active and make decisions on a daily basis. Sometimes it takes a watchful, unbiased mind with open eyes from the outside to be able to see more clearly inside and to break new ground.

Space for complexity

For people in complex professional or personal situations, I create the necessary SPACE to listen to relevant THOUGHTS and get to the bottom of them, to rebalance resonance for themselves or your team and to develop and test solutions (+) until they become part of everyday life. to prove yourself. Save time, money and energy by simply turning less in circles.

Meaningful encounters

Individual and team coaching, workshops and process support: I am concerned with meaningful encounters between person and person – Avatar-based, virtual or in presence, selectively or for a certain period of time.

thought ROOM +for companies


thought ROOM +for you personally



Changes challenge our narrative of ourselves. That is where the key lies.


My expertise is lifelong learning and human development in all facets, individually, as a team or in the organization. I use only evidence-based, contemporary and continuously evolving methods that meet our condensed and accelerated world of life and work.

Experience & Pioneering Spirit

I was the first in Germany to work with Narrative Coaching & Design since 2014 as a comprehensive, holistic and systemic approach to human development and transformation, combined with current findings in neurobiology.

Virtual Coaching out of conviction

With ProReal, I use a particularly effective tool: Distributed teams and individuals visualize complex relationships and challenges in a virtual 3D world – dynamically and without barriers to access. This helps to gain clarity faster, identify the pivot points for change and test it prototypically avatar-based. Online or offline.



Free get-to-know-you talkWhat is your challenge?

Tell me what’s going on and we’ll find out together in a 30 minute video conversation (zoom) or by phone if the chemistry between us is right and I’m right for you! Please make an appointment directly here in the calendar. If you would like to give me a few key points about your concern, please write to me: hello@christinaneuhoff.com or call me: +49 221 5000 671.

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