Premium services for a clear head and energy. 

Bring communication, cooperation and team results to the next level 

Successful communication and effective cooperation are not only in agile projects the maker for top performance and high customer satisfaction. In almost all areas, the personality, satisfaction and motivation of your employees have a direct influence on your results. “More training” is usually not enough here. People who can develop – not only professionally, but also personally – stay longer and are more motivated. 

With effective gedankenRAUM + Team Coaching and in-house workshops you save time, money and energy. Price question: What does it cost you to do nothing? 

You’re here because: 

  • you want to get to the core of a concrete problem faster and thus get to the
  • individual solution and better results faster
  • You want to ensure the success of strategically relevant change processes and projects, convey the “why” and make the relevance for your team concrete through targeted support.
  • Your success depends to a large extent on the quality and effectiveness of your team’s cooperation.
  • want to make your meetings more effective and have conversations that matter
  • You understand peer learning and feedback as an attitude, not as a measure.
  • you want to increase the contentment of your employees and customers
  • You want to further develop yourself as a learning organisation and make the learning culture of your organisation fit for the future. 

Team Coaching VirtuellAccelerate Insight & Change

Distributed teams face special challenges – whether in the home office or globally distributed at decentralized locations, as regular or temporary project teams. 

You have to find a way to clearly summarize their respective points of view for all participants and to work out solutions together, which are then implemented in a distributed manner. Here, virtual, avatar-based team coaching can be the decisive catalyst. 


Just the thing, if you want to:

  • work in a decentralized / globally distributed team and a common understanding is the decisive factor for achieving your goals
  • want to reduce error rates due to communication misunderstandings
  • want to create a working atmosphere in your team in which “blindness to the company” and “holy cows” make room for openness and innovative power
  • want to ensure the transfer into executive development programs
  • regularly accompany and secure strategically important projects in a targeted manner
  • want to design project reviews or stakeholder analyses remotely and effectively
  • Implement peer learning and feedback successfully and establish a constructive language for it
  • want to strengthen cohesion & communication in your decentralized team
    travel times, travel costs and CO2.
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Team Coaching Face-to-face  Intense, live and in colour 

Your team works or comes together at one location. You face challenges together for which you need a new perspective, a new solution or a different way of dealing with them in order to achieve the best results as a team. 

Exactly the right thing, if:

  • you want to work intensively together en bloc on a topic
  • you want to strengthen team cohesion and communication (team building)
  • your team is less technical-affine, has few real points of contact or works very sporadically
  • You appreciate the personal encounter very much and like to be with all your senses.
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Coaching & Mentoring  for executives & entrepreneurs 

It is not easy to keep a cool head in a complex environment and the turbulences of a fast-moving everyday life, to always choose the right words and do the right things, to live up to one’s own expectations and at the same time not to lose sight of the necessary things in one’s own life in order to be able to achieve all this in the long term. 

Committed employees who learn continuously on their own responsibility and have their own development firmly in mind expect more from you as a manager: Walk the talk. I am ready to have the conversation with you that mattersVirtual (avatar-based & videoor in person on site. 

Just the thing, if you want:

  • have taken on a new role and would like to design it to suit you
  • prepare for difficult discussions and negotiations
  • want to develop new perspectives on acute or smouldering conflicts
  • need a neutral sparring partner in decision-making phases
  • want to develop and prepare a new direction for yourself or your team
    want to support each other effectively in phases of special stress
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Here you will find a selection of workshop offers. gedankenRAUM + means that workshop contents can be tailored to your situation. Do you have a challenge or a change topic on which you would like to work together? Please get in touch! 

I will also design and facilitate strategy workshops or large group methods together with you. 

Hardly a week goes by without alarming reports in the media about the effects of permanent stress, overload and burnout for people, companies and society as a whole. 

Dealing with high stress in certain phases of life or in particularly predestined fields of activity is always a personal matter. With the right setting and clear rules on confidentiality, this topic, which is essential for many companies, can also be handled very well as an in-house workshop. 

That awaits you:

  • understand what happens in our brain and bodies during stress
  • to get to know a new point of view, often perceived as refreshingly normalizing on the basis of scientific findings
  • to create the necessary space in head and body, to feel capable of acting again
  • develop individually suitable and effective approaches for each participant.
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Your customers expect a continuously high quality of your services. Whether they stay with you depends on the quality of your service design. Service Design Excellence is a modular program in which you gain essential insights into the satisfaction and needs of your customers with individual modules or as a complete series, and identify the right adjusting screws for you in order to offer your customers truly excellent service. 

The offer is aimed at small and medium-sized service companies and teams that have a lot of direct customer contact and want to know how they are experienced by their customers. Actively shape the satisfaction of your customers. 

That awaits you:

  • Professional facilitation and design of the entire process
  • Lively workshops with your customers and your team
  • Varied and proven methodology, based on structured interviews between people (and thus raising the potential of standard questionnaires to disappear between checkboxes)
  • Concrete starting points and a roadmap on how to individually increase customer satisfaction for your business
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